What's your deal, Rusty?

Rusty Slugger runs a ramshackle sporting goods store that features balls, bats, gloves, and Nontendo 4DS video games. Get to know this sad sack salesman, and you may score some good deals on games.

valued customer!

Rusty Slugger

Age 8 (56 in human years)

A former ballplayer who just can't get enough donuts. He seems to be having some domestic issues, and now raises 10 sassy pups on his own. Can you help him out?

Shopping at the Shack

You can download Rusty's Real Deal Baseball for free and play the demo game, but Rusty's going to need to see some real money from your Nintendo eShop account to purchase the individual baseball minigames.

Check out this primo merchandise! Yours for a song…and maybe a donut.

2 ways to pay

  • Credit card
  • Nintendo eShop Card
Rusty's son
$4.00 minigames? Dad needs to do some market research, but don't worry—you can talk him down by listening to his weird stories and earning discount tickets.

The saga of Slugger

You'll come for the 10 awesome baseball minigames, you'll stay for Rusty's tale of marital strife…or at least you'll listen closely to his tale of marital strife in the hopes of saving some real money.

She's really too good for me. Smart, beautiful…total package.
*sniff* *sniff* Yes…something is off…
He's quite a catch,
isn't he?

Play for free

If you want to score some sweet deals
at dad's shop, you can use that code thingie
over there for a free download.
Download Rusty's Real Deal Baseball exclusively on Nintendo eShop and start earning discounts on all 10 minigames.

On your Nintendo 3DS or Nintendo 2DS system, go to the HOME menu, press the L + R buttons to activate the camera, tap the QR Code® icon, and then scan the code.