Dad was really swinging for the fences when he
priced these games. But I'm here to help—because we're
talking about spending real money from your Nintendo
eShop account. With street smarts and sweet
treats, you can talk him down.

Bargaining chips

Games with "discount" signs can be purchased at a lower price if you successfully haggle, or negotiate a lower purchase price, with Rusty.

Give him a donut

“Toss my dad a donut or two and he'll turn into a pushover. You can collect donuts by beating challenges in the minigames.”

Solve Rusty's problems

“Let's be honest—Dad is weird and old. But if you listen to his weird, old stories, he'll drop clues about the items you can use to help him out.”

Push for the best price

“Don't spend the real money from your Nintendo eShop account until I give the go-ahead. You'll be surprised how low he'll go.”
Keep working on him until you get a sweetheart deal. The only thing he likes more than money is the sound of his own voice!

You don’t always succeed…

If you push too hard while haggling or misread one of Rusty's cues, he'll kill the deal—and you'll need to buy your way back into his good graces with a donut.

How to use discount tickets

If an item says “Use Discount Tickets”, you can buy it at a lower price without haggling. Just use the tickets you earn by playing minigames!
There are six kinds of tickets, but you can use only up to three at once. Plan ahead for the best discount. Use math if you have to. Because once you use a discount, it's gone for good. They don’t carry over to the next purchase.

Play for free

If you want to score some sweet deals
at dad's shop, you can use that code thingie
over there for a free download.
Download Rusty's Real Deal Baseball exclusively on Nintendo eShop and start earning discounts on all 10 minigames.

On your Nintendo 3DS or Nintendo 2DS system, go to the HOME menu, press the L + R buttons to activate the camera, tap the QR Code® icon, and then scan the code.