I've got a slugger's dozen… that means, uh, ten… 4DS games on offer at my shop. Buy one! Or ten. Please buy ten.

Challenge modes

Complete 50 fun challenges in each game, then try to beat your own personal bests in Hi-Score Derby A and B.


Fill up your stamp book by playing games, and get discount tickets, donuts, and seemingly random items to use for bargaining.


High scores unlock sweet baseball uniforms for your Mii™ characters.


Turn on the StreetPass™ feature on your Nintendo 3DS or Nintendo 2DS to trade your high scores with other players.
Your top scores could get published in Nontendo Powers magazine, if it existed!

Play for free

If you want to score some sweet deals
at dad's shop, you can use that code thingie
over there for a free download.
Download Rusty's Real Deal Baseball exclusively on Nintendo eShop and start earning discounts on all 10 minigames.

On your Nintendo 3DS or Nintendo 2DS system, go to the HOME menu, press the L + R buttons to activate the camera, tap the QR Code® icon, and then scan the code.